Canape Menu

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Savoury Canapes 

  • Feta and mixed olive pots.

  • Mini pies and quiches.

  • Tomato, herb and parmesan palmiers.

  • Tomato, basil, olive and spicy meat sticks.

  • Veg and houmous pots.

  • Tuna mayo vol-u-vonts.

  • Parma ham, fig and manchengo cheese sticks.

  • Salami,cream cheese and caper sticks.

  • Crostini topped with cream cheese, pesto and sundried tomatoes. 

  • Crostini topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon and dill.

  • Blini topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon and dill.

  • Crostini topped with brie, parma ham, cranbery and a balsamic glaze.

  • Crostini topped with brie and cranbery.

  • Gouda wrapped in ham on sticks

Sweet Canapes - 

  • Mini rose swirl cupcakes.

  • Mini chocolate cupcakes.

  • Mini fruit scones topped with strawberry jam and cream.

  • Mini banoffee tartlets.

  • Mini fruit tartlets.

  • Macarons.

  • Mini chocolate brownies.

  • Chocolate orange mousse pots.

  • Rice pudding pots.

  • Lemon cheesecake pots.

  • Strawbery cheesecake pots. 

  • Banoffee pie pots.